Timberborn Update 4

Timberborn’s Fourth Major Content Update Brings You Limitless Builds, Expanded Factions, and Caffeinated Beavers! Update 4 Removes District Boundaries, Expands the Iron Teeth Faction with Unique Buildings & Agriculture,...

Timberborn’s Fourth Major Content Update Brings You Limitless Builds, Expanded Factions, and Caffeinated Beavers! Update 4 Removes District Boundaries, Expands the Iron Teeth Faction with Unique Buildings & Agriculture, and Revamps the Distribution System!

The highly acclaimed city-building game centered around beavers, known as Timberborn, is receiving an impressive update! Having garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, Timberborn continues to progress towards its complete release after the Early Access phase, thanks to its fourth significant content update. Developed by Mechanistry from Poland, Timberborn immerses players in a world where they strive to find balance with their surroundings and unleash their imaginative potential through boundless beaver constructions. Update 4 is now accessible on PC and Mac through platforms like Steam, GOG, and the Epic Game Store.

Prepare yourself for an exceptional experience as Update 4 expands the horizons of your energetic beavers. This update introduces unrestricted districts, captivating features like coffee and fermentation, an improved distribution system that spans across districts, fresh agricultural options for the Iron Teeth faction, and awe-inspiring monuments dedicated to the revered beaver lords. Moreover, this update enhances the game’s performance, boosting framerates by an impressive 80%. Building colossal colonies has never been as effortless as it is now with this remarkable update.

Prepare for an impending drought by combining lumberpunk technology with your own imaginative prowess to defy the forces of nature and ensure the sustenance, hydration, and well-being of your colony. Create dams and redirect rivers to form lakes and reservoirs, harness the power of currents and winds to energize your city, reshape the landscape to suit your objectives, and construct towering vertical communities using stackable architecture.

Key Features of Update 4:

  • Boundless Districts: Construct larger and more impressive districts, but exercise caution as oversized districts lead to longer commutes and reduced efficiency for your diligent beavers.
  • Exclusive Agriculture System for the Iron Teeth Faction: Introducing a brand-new agricultural system tailored specifically for the Iron Teeth faction. Cultivate crops such as kohlrabi, canola, cassava, soybean, corn, eggplant, and coffee beans to meet the unique needs of your colony.
  • New Buildings Exclusive to the Iron Teeth Faction: Discover a range of new structures available only to the Iron Teeth faction, including the fermenter, oil press, hydroponic garden, food factory, and coffee brewery.
  • Revamped Distribution Between Districts: Enhance the efficiency of resource sharing across your numerous districts with a reworked distribution system. Optimize the allocation and utilization of resources throughout your expanding colony.
  • New Monuments and an Entirely New Map: Immerse yourself in the grandeur of new monuments and explore an entirely fresh map, brimming with exciting possibilities and challenges.
  • Improved Loading Times and Enhanced Framerate: Experience faster loading times and enjoy a significantly boosted framerate of up to 80%, enabling you to build and manage your colonies more smoothly than ever before.

About Mechanistry
Scattered across Poland, Mechanistry is an independent studio developing its debut title, a beaver city-building game Timberborn. The game had a successful Early Access launch on September 15, 2021, selling over 750,000 copies in a year, and maintaining an overwhelmingly positive rating.



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