Rift Rangers

Epic Story Interactive, the developer behind the captivating RPG titled “Rift Rangers,” has released their bullet-heaven sentai-themed game on the Epic Game Store. Moreover, after an early access period,...

Epic Story Interactive, the developer behind the captivating RPG titled “Rift Rangers,” has released their bullet-heaven sentai-themed game on the Epic Game Store. Moreover, after an early access period, the game has now launched in its full version on Steam, a mere five months since its initial early access release.

In Rift Rangers, players are immersed in a rogue-lite RPG experience that combines thrilling sentai action with a nostalgic pixel art style. The game boasts intuitive controls and a satisfying reward system, offering players the opportunity to embody a multi-colored hero of justice and save the day. However, failure can result in crushing defeat, adding an element of challenge and consequence to the gameplay.

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Leading the charge as the formidable Rift Rangers, players embark on a mission to safeguard Earth from the clutches of malevolent forces. Emerging from a rift in space-time, these villains, armed with lasers and menacing claws, serve the enigmatic Master Brain. To rescue the planet from imminent doom, the Rangers must venture into the very heart of the rift and confront relentless waves of inter-dimensional monsters. Surviving the onslaught becomes increasingly challenging as time progresses, but if the Rangers can valiantly endure for 20 intense minutes, their mighty Mega Mecha will complete its power-up cycle, ready to crush the adversaries with unstoppable force.

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Epic Story Interactive, a renowned Canadian indie studio, has garnered acclaim for their successful development of mobile games based on beloved global franchises such as Beyblade, Slugterra, and Ben10. Expanding their horizons, the studio has ventured into creating and publishing original properties on various platforms, a natural progression of their creative endeavors.

Dennis Leong, the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Epic Story Interactive, expressed their unwavering passion for game development, stating, “We are constantly crafting games, and when we stumble upon that enchanting spark that captivates us, it truly ignites our excitement.” Leong further emphasized their team’s infatuation with Rift Rangers, admitting that even in the face of defeat, they couldn’t resist hitting the restart button and uttering the words, “Just one more try.” The game’s addictive reward system, exhilarating sentai style, and escalating frenzy of action combine to create an immensely enjoyable experience.

Drawing inspiration from the sentai sub-genre of Japanese tokusatsu entertainment, Rift Rangers embraces the iconic elements that define this style, such as sleek costumes, delightfully cheesy dialogue, comically wicked monsters, and awe-inspiring helmets.

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During gameplay, as players strive to level up and outpace the unyielding swarms of enemies, they are presented with randomized upgrade options at each level. In the spirit of the “die, learn, retry” approach, when a run comes to an end, upgrades are reset, encouraging players to apply the knowledge gained and make another attempt. To enhance subsequent runs, energy chips accumulated in previous playthroughs can be utilized to procure permanent upgrades.

Throughout the extensive five-month early access period, the development team diligently incorporated invaluable player feedback, fine-tuning the game and introducing new features and content. As the highly anticipated launch approaches, players can anticipate a wealth of exciting updates, unlockables, and additional content, including a fresh level, new Rangers, formidable adversaries, defensive turrets, captivating cutscenes, refined interfaces, diverse game modes, and much more!

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Key Game Features:

  • Prepare for a rogue-lite experience as the Rift Rangers, where saving progress or extra lives are not an option. Each mission presents a fresh challenge with randomized power-ups, demanding adaptive strategies for success.
  • Empower your team by acquiring ultra upgrades that bestow lasting advantages against the encroaching darkness, ensuring a formidable edge in battle.
  • Embark on your heroic journey with the three existing Rangers, each possessing their own unique ranger ability. Soon, a new hero will emerge, further diversifying your formidable lineup.
  • Unleash an array of weapons and unleash your full potential as an unstoppable fighting force, obliterating all adversaries that stand in your path.
  • Unlock a staggering 13 levels of escalating difficulty, prolonging your epic encounters with the indomitable Master Brain. Your triumphs in battle will become the stuff of legends.

Stay informed and up-to-date with all things Rift Rangers by visiting the official website. Additionally, you can follow Rift Rangers on various platforms of your preference, including Steam, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, for the latest news and updates.

About Epic Story Interactive:
Founded in 2017, Epic Story Interactive is focused on making their mark on the industry by creating successful games with top brands and original properties while having fun doing it! Based in Vancouver, BC, the Canadian video game studio is known for developing hit mobile games for internationally recognized brands like Beyblade, Slugterra, and Ben 10. (LinkedIn, Web, Twitter, and Facebook)



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