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February 4 - February 10 Releases

She’s Running on Fumes (Comixology Originals) #1

by Dennis Hopeless

When I was 3-years-old, my mother started a chop shop with a junkyarder named Corn Dog. My criminal father’s brain was damaged in a wreck that almost killed him. With hospital bills piling, us kids to feed and fifty-thousand dollars of biker cocaine gone missing, grand theft auto was Mom’s best shot at survival.

Nice Jewish Boys comic book cover

Nice Jewish Boys (Comixology Originals) #4

by Neil Kleid, Sarah Litt, and others

Fists and flags are waved when the Teaneck Jewish community faces off with protestors at the local Israel parade. Jake—now on the outs with the Avodah—must decide if he’s willing to pay the personal and legal costs involved in betraying Chaim, as well as the cost it will have on his own family as he tries to become a nice Jewish boy once again.

Cover for Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe

Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe: Master Edition Omnibus Vol. 1

by Len Kaminski (Author), Mark Gruenwald (Author), Glenn Herdling (Author), Peter Sanderson (Author), Murray Ward(Author), Jamie Tost (Author), Javier Saltares (Cover Art), Keith Pollard (Artist)

Amid the comics boom of the 1990s, THE OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE evolved to meet the collector frenzy – reinvented and presented as shrink-wrapped packs of looseleaf cards, hole-punched to be assembled in dedicated binders (sold separately)! Now, at long last, these fact-filled profiles are collected in Omnibus format – and to save you the work, we’ve put them in alphabetical order! This inaugural volume presents the first half of the Marvel Universe as it stood in 1991-1993, from the Abomination to Lyja the Lazerfist – and the legions of heroes, villains and teams in between! Featuring front, back and side views of all your favorite characters, many making their OHOTMU debuts – including icons of the era Deadpool and Cable!

Gazing at the Star Next Door Vol. 1 comic cover

Gazing at the Star Next Door Vol. 1

by Ammitsu

Chiaki is a pretty normal teenage girl. Since they were kids, she’s had a thing for her best friend Subaru-who’s fast becoming the hottest young actor in Japan! With Subaru threatening to slip away, Chiaki has a decision to make: Will she finally take her shot, or give Subaru up to his adoring public?

Suicide Squad: Kill Arkham Asylum (2024) #1 comic cover

Suicide Squad: Kill Arkham Asylum (2024) #1

by John Layman, Dan Panosian, and others

Before the Suicide Squad sets their sights on the corrupted Justice League in the upcoming videogame Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, join us for this thrilling prequel and witness them kill Arkham Asylum! Amanda Waller has taken control of the recently rebuilt Arkham, and her brutal tactics and merciless methods have led to the most secure asylum Gotham has ever known. But when the cell doors open, and the inmates are left in a freefor-all deathmatch, Waller’s true intentions reveal themselves: identify the strongest, smartest, and most brutal to serve her on Task Force X.

The EC Archives: Crime Suspenstories Volume 1 cover

The EC Archives: Crime Suspenstories Volume 1

by Al Feldstein, William Gaines, and others

In the years before the Comics Code, no comic mined the noir vein with more shocking impact and creative skill than EC Comics’ Crime SuspenStories.Featuring vivid tales of larceny, adultery, and homicide by comics legends Al Feldstein, Johnny Craig, Graham Ingels, Wally Wood, Jack Davis, Harvey Kurtzman, Jack Kamen, and more, Crime SuspenStories remains a lurid landmark in the history of comics, and the EC Archives presents these scandalous stories in all their brazen brilliance.

This value-priced volume collects Crime SuspenStories issues #1–#6, including the original stories, ads, text pieces, and letters.

U & I Vol. 1 #1 cover

U & I Vol. 1 #1

by J. Michael Straczynski, Mike Choi

The Resistance Universe returns in a new tale by J. Michael Straczynski! The next chapter in the saga of the Resistance Universe focuses on an unlikely love story. The mysterious “U” has no memory of his past before awakening with powers after the Great Death that took many lives and created the superpowered Reborns. His vision of the world is one that is more beautiful and full of hope than the rest of us can see. In searching for a purpose, a reason to live, he discovers Isabelle, whose father died in the plague, and who has recently been thrown out to live in the streets by her uncle. When the two meet, a spark is lit between them. But another spark is lit—one that’s sure to lead to explosive consequences—when U runs afoul of a crime syndicate that will stop at nothing to get revenge.

In the Name of the Mermaid Princess, Vol. 1

In the Name of the Mermaid Princess, Vol. 1

by Yoshino Fumikawa, Miya Tashiro

Princess Mio is betrothed to Prince Chika. However, they’ve never met, and he doesn’t know her secret—she’s a mermaid! When her tutor, Yuri, takes her out of the castle to meet her subjects, Mio begins to accept her true self. But Yuri has a secret too… And when Mio tells her father, the king, she wants to live life openly as a mermaid, he punishes her. How can she stay true to herself?

Plus, a bonus story about a royal subject with wings!

Frank Johnson, Secret Pioneer of American Comics Vol. 1 cover

Frank Johnson, Secret Pioneer of American Comics Vol. 1

by Keith Mayerson, Chris Byrne, and others

When Frank Johnson, an itinerant musician and shipping clerk, died in 1979, he left behind a startling discovery: more than 2,300 notebook pages of comics and 131 unbound drawings, among them a massive, continuous story line beginning in the earliest surviving notebook dated 1928 — before the existence of comic books! — and following the exploits of his own cast of characters across 50 years until Johnson passed away. During this lifelong project, Johnson invented in private many of the conventions and tropes that define comics storytelling, effectively enacting an alternative secret history of the comics medium.This debut publication of Johnson’s work is the first of two 600+ page volumes that will collect the best 1200 pages of his comics, including Wally’s Gang, his 50-year magnum opus chronicling the humorous, cliff-hanging adventures of a group of bachelor friends; The Bowser Boys, a seamy, darkly slapstick depiction of bohemian street life that could be considered the first underground comic series; and, coming in Volume 2, Juke Boys, absurd, self-reflexive graphic experimentation.Curator and historian Chris Byrne and fine artist and graphic novelist Keith Mayerson have brought this astounding work into the light of day and provide historical background and analysis.

The Light Conjurer Vol. 1 cover

The Light Conjurer Vol. 1

by by Gene

Rubin, a seemingly useless summoner whose conjuring attempts are comically futile, secretly dreams of defeating a dragon. Fate has a sense of humor when Rubin summons a mysterious prince who coerces him into going to an abandoned castle… where a dragon lives! Can a useless conjurer face the challenge of confronting a legendary beast?