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June 25 - July 1 Releases

Barnstormers comicbook cover

Barnstormers (Comixology Originals)

by Scott Snyder (Author), Will Dennis (Editor), Tula Lotay (Artist), Dee Cunniffe (Colorist), Jimmy Betancourt (Letterer)

In the barnstorming yesteryear of 1923, dashing war hero pilot Hawk Baron has flown his way across the U.S. Southeast scrounging for customers while fleeing from his own demons. But when he finds himself tangled up with a runaway bride named Tillie, Hawk unexpectedly becomes a Clyde to this vengeful Bonnie in a high flying romance adventure for the ages.

Part of the Comixology Originals line of exclusive digital content only available on Comixology and Kindle. Read for free as part of your subscription to Comixology Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime. Also available for purchase via Comixology, Kindle and in print via Dark Horse Books.

Nostalgia comicbook cover

Nostalgia (Comixology Originals) #3

by Scott Hoffman (Author), Danijel Zezelj (Cover Art, Artist), Lee Loughridge (Colorist), Steve Wands (Letterer)

Nostalgia gets closer to Nathan and, hoping to sway him from his bad influences, invites him to stay with him; new faces emerge from Nostalgia’s past, leading them to visit an old friend on his space station.

Batman comicbook cover

Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2023-) #2

by Tom King (Author), Ed Brisson (Author), Christopher Cantwell (Author), Joelle Jones (Author, Penciller, Inker), Simone Di Meo(Cover Art), Mitch Gerads (Penciller, Inker, Colorist), Jeff Spokes (Penciller, Inker, Colorist), Javier Rodriguez (Penciller, Inker, Colorist)

Tick, tick, tick goes the clock as Gotham City prepares for another shocking murder at the hands of The Joker! The brutal and terrifying tale of The Joker and Batman’s first meeting continues as Tom King and Mitch Gerads once again deliver a shocking, bloody blockbuster tale! Stormwatch race to find an ancient sword that has long been buried in the darkest depths of the ocean. A sword of unspeakable horrors, capable of wiping out entire civilizations. But they may already be too late: a group of exiled Xebels have found the blade and are hell-bent on bringing humanity to its knees. For one member of Stormwatch, this may be the end. All-star creator Joëlle Jones (Catwoman, Wonder Girl) gives readers a Batman Black & White tale exploring Batman’s scars, both literal and psychological, revisiting the Dark Knight’s toughest fights and deepest wounds. In part two of “Order of the Black Lamp” from writer Christopher Cantwell (Briar, Iron Man) and artist Javier Rodriguez (Defenders, Daredevil), Superman uses a mysterious decoder ring to uncover a location with a shocking tie to his past!

X-Men comicbook cover

X-Men: Before The Fall – Heralds Of Apocalypse (2023) #1

by Al Ewing (Author), Pepe Larraz (Cover Art), Luca Pizzari (Artist)

THE ORIGIN OF ARAKKO! In ancient days, Genesis turned back the hordes of Amenth. In ancient days, Genesis forced Annihilationin to a parley. What words were spoken in her mind? Now, finally, Apocalypse will know…and the echoes of those words might destroy him…and Arakko with him.

Ronin comicbook cover

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin—The Lost Years

by Kevin B. Eastman (Author), Tom Waltz (Author), Ben Bishop (Artist), S.L. Gallant (Artist)

In the past: Michelangelo’s journey toward vengeance takes a detour when he’s captured, imprisoned, and forced to take part in a gladiatorial competition with fighters from all over the world. Though new friendships are formed with would-be foes, one thing is certain: the only way to attain his freedom is to fight. It will take all Michelangelo’s skill to defeat those who stand between him and vengeance. Meanwhile, in the present (a.k.a. our future!): Casey Marie Jones and her young Turtle pupils grapple with the lessons left by their late sensei Michelangelo as the situation in NYC worsens.

Christopher Chaos comicbook cover

The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #1

by James Tynion (Author), Tate Brombal (Author), Nick Robles (Cover Art), Isaac Goodhart (Artist), Miquel Muerto (Colorist)

From the New York Times bestselling and multi-Eisner award-winning writers of Something is Killing the Children, The Department of Truth, and House of Slaughter; and the artist on Victor and Nora: A Gotham Love Story comes this LGBTQ+ horror-hero coming-of-age series that’s Invincible meets Doom Patrol. Meet teenage mad scientist Christopher Chaos. For all his life he knew he was different. His brilliant mind works in ways that defy logic and enable him to do things that push him beyond his peers. Unfortunately, these abilities have also caused great pain in his personal life—leading others to fear him and leaving Christopher with profound loneliness and guilt. Then one day something cracked. When the cute boy at high school turns out to be a deadly creature, Christopher finds himself pitted in a world of monsters, heroes, and a cult of hunters out to kill them all.

The Amazing Spider-Man comicbook cover

Amazing Spider-Man (2022-) #28

by Zeb Wells (Author), Ed McGuinness (Cover Art, Artist)

The new-and-improved Doctor Octopus takes his upgraded tentacles for a rampage through Oscorp! Can the deadliest Doc Ock ever be stopped?

Fist of the North Star

Fist of the North Star, Vol. 9

by , Buronson,Hara, Tetsuo (Author), Buronson Hara, Tetsuo, (Illustrator)

After an epic contest, Kenoh leaves his brothers to begin a new reign of terror in the wasteland. But while he was away, Ryuga, one of his lieutenants, turned against him and established his own stronghold. Ken and Toki head there to find out what Ryuga knows about Kenoh. The one force that may still stand against Kenoh is the Goshasei, the Guardian Stars of Nanto, and their last general, whose secret will bring Kenshiro face-to-face with those he thought he’d lost…

Brynmore comicbook cover

Brynmore #1

by Steve Niles (Author), Damien Worm (Artist)

From the creators of The October Faction, Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) & Damien Worm, comes a new horror tale, Brynmore! Recently divorced and sober, Mark Turner has returned to his hometown looking for a second chance. He’ll rebuild the old church into a new home…if the locals let him. But Turner Island has a secret, one tracing back to when it was named after Mark’s ancestors. Who, or what, is Brynmore?

Goodbye, Eri manga cover

Goodbye, Eri

by Tatsuki Fujimoto

From the mad genius behind Chainsaw Man and Look Back comes a new story about coping with loss.

Yuta’s moviemaking career started with a request from his mother to record her final moments. After her death, Yuta meets a mysterious girl named Eri, who takes his life in new directions. The two begin creating a movie together, but Eri is harboring an explosive secret.

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