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We ran though the 30 Video Game Challenge over at Twitch! This episode we had special guest Gus AKA Anarax Gaming on the show! This was a test as...

We ran though the 30 Video Game Challenge over at Twitch! This episode we had special guest Gus AKA Anarax Gaming on the show!

This was a test as it was a first for the stream to have multiple cams and a second guest on Shōmi, but it was tons of fun and definitely plan to do it again in December. 

Stay tuned for more from twitch.tv/yogomi !

If you’re want to leave comments below, here are the questions:

1 – What was the first video game you remember playing?

2 – What’s the first video game system you owned?

3 – What was your favorite video game based on a movie?

4 – What’s a popular video game that everyone has played except you?

5 – What’s a video game you play that you think no one else plays?

6 – What’s your favorite RPG video game?

7 – What’s your favorite video arcade game?

8 – What’s your favorite first-person shooter video game?

9 – What’s your favorite racing video game?

10 – Who’s your favorite main video game main character?

11 – What’s the oldest video game you still play?

12 – What video game are you ridiculously skilled at?

13 – What video game do you stink at but keep playing?

14 – What’s the most stunningly beautiful video game you’ve played?

15 – What’s your favorite puzzle video game?

16 – Of all the game consoles you’ve owned, which is your favorite?

17 – What game console do you wish you still owned?

18 – What was your first handheld gaming console?

19 – What video game do you enjoy playing with friends the most?

20 – Of all the game controllers you’ve held, which is your favorite?

21 – What video game have you spent the most money on?

22 – What’s your favorite video game franchise?

23 – What story-driven video game do you return to and finish each time?

24 – What’s the scariest video video game you’ve ever played?

25 – If you had to choose a free system: XBox Series X/S, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, or a Gaming PC/Laptop?

26 – What video game was ridiculously difficult even on easy setting?

27 – What was your favorite sports-related video game?

28 – What’s your favorite video game that involves flying?

29 – What’s the the most disappointing video game you ever bought?

30 – What’s your favorite video game of all time?

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