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    Yogomi Shōmi

    We ran though the 30 Video Game Challenge over at Twitch! This episode we had special guest Gus AKA Anarax Gaming on the show! This was a test as it was a first for the stream to have multiple cams and a second guest on Shōmi, but it was...
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    It’s time for a movie challenge – SUPERHERO MOVIES! Here are the questions! 1. First superhero film you remember seeing 2. Favorite super/comicbook villain 3. Favorite movie of your favorite Batman 4. Villain you’d like to see return 5. Favorite movie of your favorite Spider-Man 6. Superhero or villain...
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    Check out the VOD of the most recent Yogomi Shōmi which aired live on Twitch. The topic this episode: TOYS! The community got together and brought their answers to the 30 question challenge over toys! It was loads of fun! * * * Here are all the questions if...