• xScreen feature image

    Upspec Gaming xScreen

    I purchased the xScreen solely to see if it worked, how it worked, and if it’s worth purchasing. From Upspec: The xScreen from Upspec Gaming is a fully integrated folding screen that seamlessly attaches onto the Xbox Series S. This transforms your device into a laptop form factor that...
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    OtterBox Batteries

    Otterbox sent over some cool gaming accessories including the Power Swap Controller Batteries. In this video not only do I set up the batters, but I also test it out and use for the first time. – – – You can purchase the OtterBox Power Swap Controller Batteries here:...
  • Xbox Controllers feature image

    The Xbox Controller(s)

    Recently I noticed something about the Xbox controller and did a little comparison on how much or how little it has changed in it’s current form since 2013. Follow Yogomi Twitch: Twitter: Instagram: Web: Zyba Games Podcast:
  • Six Months Later: Xbox Series X & Series S

    I’ve had Xbox Series X since November and the Series S since December. I’ve had plenty of time to do a comparison which might help you make a decision on which one to purchase. Follow Yogomi Twitch: Twitter: Instagram: Web: Zyba Games Podcast:
  • Dark Envoy feature image

    Dark Envoy

    A rich and vibrant world being ripped apart...
  • Alex Kidd in Miracle World DC feature image

    Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX

    Alexx Kidd is back and dropping onto PC and consoles in June...
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar

    Storm Ground releases May 27th on consoles and & PC...
  • Buildings Have Feelings Too! screenshot 4

    Buildings Have Feelings Too!

    Buildings Have Feelings Too! is nearly ready to open to the public...
  • Biomutant battle screenshot

    Biomutant – Combat

    Biomutant Gets New Combat Trailer and Kicks Off Pre-Orders!...