MUMO Studio has revealed that their highly anticipated survival deception game, DUBIUM, is set to debut on Steam Early Access on June 14, 2023. This exciting release will transport...

MUMO Studio has revealed that their highly anticipated survival deception game, DUBIUM, is set to debut on Steam Early Access on June 14, 2023. This exciting release will transport players to a space station environment, showcasing stunning visuals. The Early Access version will introduce a new playable character, fresh character customization options, an improved Battle Pass, a lobby chatting system, and numerous updates based on valuable player input. Fans who can’t contain their excitement can purchase this sci-fi co-op title for $14.99 USD, offering an immersive experience of isolation in space and the exhilaration of narrowly escaping triumphantly.

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After three successful playtest events, we’re indebted to the thousands of players who took the time to share their thoughts on our project. We’re incredibly proud of all the features and enhancements our development team has implemented over the last year, and we can’t wait to introduce DUBIUM to a broader audience. We’ll continue working very closely with the community as we update the game on the road to its 1.0 launch,” said KiHoon Choi, CEO and Game Director at MUMO Studio.

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DUBIUM’s Early Access launch introduces an array of exciting new features for brave adventurers venturing into space alongside their treacherous fellow mercenaries. From the outset, players will have the opportunity to acquire fresh character cosmetics, accessories, and gadgets, as well as customize specialized gear for their chosen characters. To enhance the experience for newcomers, MUMO Studio has fine-tuned the player tutorial and implemented various improvements, including updates to inventory management, AI responses, matchmaking, daily missions, loot, and more.

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Joining the existing core members of DUBIUM’s crew during Early Access is a new playable character named Archie Lang. This former hunter possesses exceptional trap knowledge, albeit with a touch of germophobia and OCD. Archie Lang joins forces with the game’s Frontiers, which include Sobok Ee, an ambitious diver; Jessica Fernandez, a former soldier; Ryan Goldman, a white-collar psychopath; Zack Zhou, an infamous hacker; and Sergei Tulinov, a capricious former wrestler.

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DUBIUM is an asymmetrical co-op game designed for five players, set in a near-future sci-fi universe. The game revolves around five space-faring Frontiers who must embark on missions for their employer, Shadd Enterprise, aboard a derelict space station. The catch is that one of the Frontiers is secretly working for Blamane, Shadd’s biggest rival. As you strive to survive the Traitor’s schemes and repair vital systems, you must also find a way to escape—either by cooperating as a team or looking out for your own interests. Defeating the Traitor merely leads to Blamane compromising another teammate, so trust becomes a scarce commodity. The promise of a substantial payday and future space gigs is what drives your will to survive.

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As a tribute to DUBIUM’s Kickstarter origins, MUMO Studio has included a flamboyant NPC (non-playable character) whose corpse can be looted and who shares words of wisdom from special backers. Players eager to stay updated on DUBIUM news can visit the game’s official website, follow its Twitter and Facebook accounts, and join the community Discord server. And don’t forget to add DUBIUM to your Steam wishlist!

About MUMO Studio
At MUMO Studio, we create, go through trial and error, improve, and repeat constantly.

Based in Seoul, Korea, MUMO Studio was founded by a team of game industry veterans who worked on about 20 titles in total from each ones’ previous career. One of the titles is a mobile game, ‘Boxing star,’ which records 40M downloads globally. DUBIUM is the first independent title created by the studio.

With the growth of the gaming live streaming market, dreaming of combining games and broadcasting, we are creating a game that both gaming streamers and viewers can enjoy.

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