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Experience The Dark Pictures Anthology’s worst horrors like never before with PlayStation®VR2 — in the ride for your life, choose your path wisely and try to stay alive! GUILDFORD,...

Experience The Dark Pictures Anthology’s worst horrors like never before with PlayStation®VR2 — in the ride for your life, choose your path wisely and try to stay alive!

GUILDFORD, United Kingdom  March 16, 2023 – Supermassive Games, the award-winning studio behind Rush of Blood, has launched the must-play immersive horror experience The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR on PlayStation®VR2.

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Plunging players into a fast-paced rollercoaster horror action shooter, The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR is an original standalone game where you will come face to face with the most terrifying antagonists from Season One of The Dark Pictures Anthology.

Experience the horror like never before in this multi-sensory VR experience, with the PlayStation®VR2’s innovative capabilities:

  • DON’T BLINK! – Using PlayStation®VR2’s Eye Tracking feature, your enemies are upon you in the blink of an eye.
  • HOLD ON TIGHT – Endure every bump, twist, turn and drop as your cart speeds along the tracks with Haptic Feedback, bringing that roller-coaster feeling to life.
  • FEEL THE TENSION – Adaptive Triggers make each weapon feel unique as you unload on terrifying enemies that emerge from the shadows.
  • MIND YOUR HEAD – Avoid falling beams, overturned buses and hanging witches. Headset Rumble ensures that you’ll feel it if you don’t!
  • Plus, 4K HDR and 3D audio support.

This horror shooter is set to take you through ancient temples, ghost ships, murder hotels and a whole lot more. Players will experience a terrifying world as they squeeze their way through the appropriately named ‘meat tube’ (caution for those with claustrophobia!) and persevere as they fight against the supernatural horrors aboard a WWII ghost ship. Discover otherworldly vampires and escape the horrifying World’s Fair Hotel with a sadistic serial killer out for blood!

“It has been an amazing journey bringing our terrifying and intense horror game, that took its inspiration from its much beloved predecessor Rush of Blood, to the next generation of VR. Switchback VR takes everything people loved about that game and adds in a new level of horror and intensity from The Dark Pictures Anthology. We can’t wait for people to experience the terror in our new game,” said Pete Samuels, Managing Director of Supermassive Games.

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR is out now as a PlayStation®VR2 launch title for $39.99/£32.99 and available for purchase on the PlayStation Store.

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About The Dark Pictures Anthology
The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of standalone, cinematic horror games designed to present a new, terrifying experience on a regular basis. Each game features a brand-new story, setting, and cast of characters.

About Supermassive Games
Supermassive Games is a BAFTA-winning independent game developer with a reputation for innovation in both storytelling and VR. The studio has released a number of successful titles and is best known for the critically acclaimed PS4 hit Until Dawn.

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