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January 1 - January 7 Releases

MMPW and TMNT cover

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (7 book series)

by Ryan Parrott (Author)

The Power Rangers arrive in New York City to find Tommy Oliver – AKA The Mighty Morphin Green Ranger – but soon discover he’s joined forces with the villainous Shredder and the Foot Clan!
As the Rangers are sent reeling by this betrayal, they’re confronted by another (fr)enemy – the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Can these heroes find a way to work together to defeat the bad guys and save the world from total destruction?!

Written by Ryan Parrott (Power Rangers: Necessary Evil) and illustrated by Simone di Meo (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Venom Annual), the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fight – and maybe team up with – the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the first time in this oversized issue includes 30 pages of story content!

John Stewart: The Emerald Knight comic book cover

John Stewart: The Emerald Knight (2022)

by Geoffrey Thorne (Author)

John Stewart has been trapped in the dark sectors for months with the rest of his Green Lantern comrades. With the power of the godstorm at his disposal, John’s using everything he can to take down Esak, the mad New God, and bring his fellow Corpsmen home. John will need to become something new to win the war against Esak: he’ll need to become the Emerald Knight!

Timeless comic book cover

Timeless (2022)

by Jed MacKay (Author)

From Book 1: The last battle of Kang the Conqueror! Tyrant of the timeline, master of endless legions, warrior and conqueror without compare, Kang is in search of the one thing he cannot have. But he is not the only one after the Missing Moment, and Kang soon finds himself in a new position — on the run across the events of the Marvel Universe’s future!

Deadboy Detectives comic book cover

The Sandman Universe (2018-) (3 book series)

by Simon Spurrier (Author) , Kat Howard (Author) , Nalo Hopkinson (Author) and 1 more

From the mind of New York Times #1 bestselling author Neil Gaiman comes a new world filled with dreams, nightmares and wonderful characters living together in a shared universe for a new story unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

A rift between worlds has opened, revealing a space beyond the Dreaming. Meanwhile, a book from Lucien’s library is discovered by a group of children in the waking world where it should not exist. Lucien calls for Matthew the Raven to seek out their master, Daniel, Lord of Dreams.

Star Wars: The High Republic - The Blade

Star Wars: The High Republic – The Blade (2022-) (4 book series)

by Charles Soule (Author)

From Book 1: Hundreds of years before the Skywalker Saga, witness the rise of a legend – the mighty Jedi PORTER ENGLE, perhaps the most skilled lightsaber wielder in the High Republic. With his fellow Jedi Knight Barash, he travels the galaxy, serving as a guardian of peace and justice. But even Porter Engle has enemies he cannot defeat.

Archie's Laugh Comics comic cover

Archie’s Laugh Comics

by Archie Superstars

LAUGH COMICS is the latest cornerstone title to join the Archie Comics Presents line. Originally running from 1946 all the way into the ’90s, this title captured the lives of Riverdale citizens with the same humor and heart seen over the last 80 years of Archie. This is all presented in the new higher-end format, which offers 200+ pages at a value price.

One of the original anthology showcases of the Riverdale gang, Laugh Comics ran for over 400 issues and featured some of the best Archie stories ever told! Now we proudly present stories from various eras of this title for a new generation to enjoy!

Maison Ikkoku manga cover

Maison Ikkoku Collector’s Edition

by Rumiko Takahashi (Author)

Yusaku Godai didn’t get accepted into college on the first try, so he’s studying to retake the entrance exams. But living in a dilapidated building full of eccentric and noisy tenants is making it hard for him to achieve his goals. Now that a beautiful woman has moved in to become the new resident manager, Godai is driven to distraction!

Backstabbed in a Backwater Dungeon manga cover

Backstabbed in a Backwater Dungeon

by Shisui Meikyou (Author)

A kid named Light is the only human member of the adventuring party known as the Concord of the Tribes… but humans are by far the weakest of the races. When his comrades abandon him to the lowest levels of the dungeon, Light resorts to the gift of Infinite Gacha to create a harem of Lvl 9999 allies! With his new, and sexy, friends, Light can escape the dungeon, and more importantly, take revenge upon the Concord of the Tribes, and perhaps even break the entire world!

First of the North Star manga cover

Fist of the North Star (8 book series)

by Buronson (Author) , Buronson (Author), Tetsuo Hara (Illustrator)

In a post-apocalyptic world, humanity has risen from the ashes of nuclear war to a nightmare of endless suffering. It is a time of chaos. Warlords and gangs of savage marauders and warlords rule the broken ruins of civilization, terrorizing and enslaving the survivors. Life has become a brutal struggle for existence and death the only release.

Book of Slaughter comic book cover

Book of Slaughter (1 book series)

by James Tynion (Author)

From the sidelines to the spotlight, Book of Slaughter follows the white mask Maxine Slaughter… but will her loyalties remain where they are, or will she show her true colors?
In addition to being a precursor to the upcoming chapters of both series, this special issue features a sizable guidebook that delves into the deep lore of the Order of St. George!

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