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March 21-27 Releases!

The Immortal Hulk #45 cover

The Immortal Hulk #45

Published by Marvel Comics

The Hulk is at his lowest point. His strength is gone. His friends cannot reach him. Gamma itself has turned against him. What hope is there now? What hope is left…for THE WEAKEST THERE IS?












The Walking Dead Deluxe #12 cover

The Walking Dead Deluxe #12

Published by Skybound

The Greene Family Farm was supposed to be the start of something new, or at least a place to end the survivors’ petty squabbles. But no. It’s never that simple. Now Rick has a gun to his head.











Deep Beyond #3 cover

Deep Beyond #3

Published by Image Comics

Paul and Jolene become a more close-knit team, and together they finally reach Pam’s submarine. But sea monsters and the threats of the wilderness are not the only thing to be afraid of. On the surface world, politics and plots between cities start to unfurl, and the consequences will fall on the unauthorized rescue expedition.











Sensational Wonder Woman #2

Sensational Wonder Woman #2

Published by DC Comics

Wonder Woman receives a distress call from Artemis…on Warworld! In order to escape Mongul’s clutches, the two Amazons will have to put aside their differences and find a way to work together.











Space Riders: Vortex of Darkness #3 cover

Space Riders: Vortex of Darkness #3

Published by Black Mask Studios

The satanic nightmare continues. A vortex of death and blood takes the riders to an unexpected location before they can reach the empress of darkness, Mar a Lionza. The final barrier, demonic versions of themselves ready to take over the reins of their souls!











Shi No Kage #3 cover

Shi No Kage #3 

Published by Blackbox Comics

The conclusion is in sight as Hachiro enters the last part of his trials. With faith rekindled and a new-found ally, he focuses on his task so that he can be reunited with his sister but will betrayal in his village turn his joyful homecoming into despair?










Runaways #35 cover

Runaways #35


Published by Marvel

Wolverine and Pixie’s guest-stint on RUNAWAYS comes to a close, but does this mean Molly Hayes time as a Runaway does too? And Nico made a rough decision that she’s going to pay for this issue.










Geiger #1 cover

Geiger #1

Published by Image Comics

Who are the scavengers of a dying earth? GEIGER is set in the years since a nuclear war ravaged the planet, desperate outlaws battle for survival in a world of radioactive chaos. Out past the poisoned wasteland lives a man even the Nightcrawlers and Organ People fear. Some name him Joe Glow, others call him The Meltdown Man. But his name… is Geiger.










Joker / Harley: Criminal Sanity #8

Joker / Harley: Criminal Sanity #8

Published by Heavy Metal

Ready or not, Harley Quinn is in a race against time to end The Joker’s reign of terror. Can she do it before he wreaks havoc in the Gotham Arena…and kills thousands of music fans attending the Event Horizon concert? More importantly, will she do it without ending The Joker’s life—or can she live with the consequences either way?









Far Sector #11 cover

Far Sector #11

Published by Young Animal

Everything is coming to a boil as we lay the groundwork for the Far Sector finale in this, our penultimate issue! Riots are breaking out across the City Enduring as its citizens realize that there are political shenanigans disrupting their way of life and subverting the will of the people. To quell this unrest, @BlazeofGlory is threatening to unleash a terrible weapon upon her own people. Jo has to race against the ticking clock of a Green Lantern ring that is rapidly losing power to bypass the city’s entire defense forces and stop this attack from above.







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