Stranger Things

Stranger Things

Netflix's original series has a retro sci-fi feel with modern horror appeal.

My review for Stranger Things on Netflix is as follows:

Watch it.

No, but seriously, this is a yet another great series that was just released on Netflix and it’s pretty freakin awesome.  It’s only 8 episodes so it won’t take too much time to get through the series.


Stranger Things

This sci-fi horror series is set in Indiana in the 80’s. The team behind it did a great job of recreating the time period void of the crazy neon colors and hairspray. Without giving away any spoilers, the story revolves around a 12 year old boy named Will who mysteriously disappears on his way home from a friend’s house.  From there, the search to find him leads into a tangled web of supernatural forces and a government conspiracies to cover it all up.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things

Once I started watching I was hooked. The music was on point. The characters had depth. I was instantly pulled into binge-watching festival and I didn’t stop until very last episode.  The series pays some serious homage to classic 80’s TV shows and movies from the genres of science fiction and horror. If you pay close attention (and if you are well versed in classic 80’s geekdom), you’ll spot a number of Easter eggs scattered throughout the episodes that will make you say “Ahhhh, I see what you did there.”  Luckily for myself (and other fans of the series) rumor is that the show has already been green lit for a second season.


Stranger Things

I highly recommend this series to anyone who simply wants to watch a great show.

It guaranteed to turn a few of your days “upside down”.

IMDb: 9.1/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 94%
Metacritic: 75/100

Stranger Things
Stranger Things
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