Netflix latest original doesn't have zombies. It does, however, have demons.

My latest binge on Netflix was not what I originally meant to watch. I had two different friends in two days ask me if I had watched The OA. I hadn’t.

I still haven’t. (As of this post.)

When I landed on the Netflix homepage, something else caught my attention: Crazyhead. Looking back seems strange because the description of the series was very short and vague.

The show stars a new favorite of mine Cara Theobold and the award winning and multi-Netflix Originals star Susan Wokoma. You might know Cara Theobold from Downton Abbey (I’ve personally never watched the show) and she’s also the voice of Tracer from the popular FPS game Overwatch.

Here’s what Netflix tells you:

Prone to hallucinations, kindred spirits Amy and Raquel embrace the roles of “seers”, individuals who can detect the hellish true forms of others.

That’s pretty vague. It could mean pretty much anything. I know a lot of people who have hellish true forms that only I can see. Well, I CHOOSE to see them while others ignore them, but I digress. What the description doesn’t tell you is that Amy and Raquel, the “seers”, can detect individuals that appear to be normal people, but are really smoldering demons from the underworld. As complete strangers upon first encounter, they seem like completely opposites, but they realize they both have a common goal: kicking demon bootay.

Now this is where I will stop and turn the choice over to you. We don’t do spoilers here at Yogomi. Never. Never ever. Never, ever, ever. I will say this: At only six episodes at around 44 minutes each, it’s a quick and easy binge. The show is entertaining, funny, and caters to the horror/fantasy fans.

If you have some time, give Crazyhead a try. I think it’s worth a watch.

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  • Tanya
    25 December 2016 at 1:16 am

    Ooohhh sounds like I got some watching to do

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