Dawn of Defiance

You are the Defier of Gods. The era of the divine draws to a close as Traega Entertainment, an indie game studio, unveils “Dawn of Defiance,” a crafting-survival adventure...

You are the Defier of Gods.

The era of the divine draws to a close as Traega Entertainment, an indie game studio, unveils “Dawn of Defiance,” a crafting-survival adventure set in the world of ancient Greek mythology. Embracing early access on Steam and the Epic Games Store later this year, the game merges survival essentials with divine powers, expansive crafting, and co-op multiplayer for up to four players.

In “Dawn of Defiance,” you assume the role of the Defier of Gods, rising from a humble soldier to a formidable anti-hero. Traverse the desolate Isles, erect grand temples, and overcome the followers of the Gods to claim their legendary abilities. Gather resources, fortify your base, craft and enhance gear, and confront the legendary trials of the Gods alongside friends or solo to endure.

Key Features:

  • Island Survival: Begin your journey on a forgotten shore, scavenging resources and gearing up to face the perils of the Isles.
  • Ruins Exploration: Roam the Isles, uncover landmarks, unearth treasures, and confront the challenges set by the Gods. Strengthen yourself with each triumph, unlocking new recipes and upgrades.
  • Personalized Crafting: Customize weapon designs, utilize a variety of ingredients, and construct magnificent structures rivaling the grandeur of Olympus.
  • Defiance Against the Divine: Clash with the formidable followers of the Gods, conquer altar trials, and emerge victorious. Only then will you earn your place as a true Defiant.
  • Cooperative Gameplay: Brave this perilous odyssey alone or join forces with up to three companions in online cooperative multiplaye

“Dawn of Defiance” is now available to wishlist on Steam and the Epic Games Store ahead of its early access debut later this year. For more details, visit dawnofdefiance.com, stay updated on Twitter and TikTok, and engage with the community on Discord.

About Traega Entertainment:
Based in Nashville, Tenn., Traega Entertainment is an independent video game studio. Over the past nine years, Traega has evolved, assembling a team of seasoned professionals with expertise from renowned studios like Sony, Epic, Bethesda, Gearbox, and Funcom.

Founded in 2015 by Dax Hock, Traega Entertainment is self-funded, driven by Hock’s lifelong passion for gaming. Now, Hock and his team proudly share their creations with the world.

Discover more at traega.com.

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