Cybertrash STATYX

Indie publisher Sometimes You and indie developer Uncle Frost Team are excited to announce the upcoming console release of Cybertrash STATYX! Launching on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series...

Indie publisher Sometimes You and indie developer Uncle Frost Team are excited to announce the upcoming console release of Cybertrash STATYX! Launching on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch on March 13, 2024, this tactical 2D action-platformer promises loads of frantic action and entertainment.

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Embark on a futuristic journey where robots and AI have taken over, and corporations are at war. Survival is tough, and some brave souls are attempting to escape the oppressive system. Your mission in the game is to uncover a conspiracy against humanity, navigating through a metropolis while evading relentless pursuit by the corporation.

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Inspired by an anime with a cyberpunk setting, the development team pointed out some salient features.
We are proud of how we managed to present the story, characters and balance the game for different styles of players. The game has three game modes with their own characteristics and accents. The player can choose the most suitable game balance for the passage. You can also note good shooting mechanics and interesting types of weapons.

As Jenet, the main character, dive into the narrative, trying to reclaim lost memories and break free from the corporation’s grip. Run, jump, slide, and destroy enemies to gain experience points, upgrade your character, and triumph over adversity!

Tactical gameplay is essential, with the main character possessing unique abilities to maneuver and avoid enemy attacks. Various weapons offer tactical advantages, but players can opt for a run-and-gun mode if they prefer a more direct approach. Encounter different types of enemies, each requiring strategic thinking to overcome within this retro platformer.

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Cybertrash STATYX features a mission-based structure with 15 missions set across different locations. Choose from three difficulty modes – easy for a quick playthrough, tactician for a challenging experience with ample upgrades, or balanced for a normal challenge.

Face off against a variety of robot enemies, from patrolling drones to combat units with jetpacks and heavy units with high firepower. The game’s difficulty evolves as new enemy types emerge, but fear not – upgrade terminals allow you to enhance your character’s abilities and conquer tougher challenges.

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With cool sound effects and a high-quality soundtrack by a professional composer, this retro platformer offers an immersive gaming experience. Dive into Cybertrash STATYX, uncover the conspiracy, and triumph against the robotic oppressors!

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About Sometimes You:
Sometimes You provides console porting, publishing services, product strategy development, quality assurance, ad materials, and marketing for small developer teams. They’ve published hit games like In Rays of the Light, Music Racer, The Mooseman, NORTH, and more.

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