Maniac Unleashes Chaos at Steam Next Fest: Try the Demo Now! Get ready for the mayhem as Maniac crashes into Steam Next Fest, bringing full-fledged fury to your gaming...

Maniac Unleashes Chaos at Steam Next Fest: Try the Demo Now!

Get ready for the mayhem as Maniac crashes into Steam Next Fest, bringing full-fledged fury to your gaming experience! In this inspired roguelite shooter, you’ll destroy, drive, and survive your way through the chaos. Play the demo on Steam Next Fest and immerse yourself in the wild world of Maniac.

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Skystone Games is thrilled to present Maniac, a fast-paced rogue-lite shooter that combines the anarchic thrill of Grand Theft Auto with the addictive “just one more try” essence of Vampire Survivors. Whether you’re engaged in a heated shootout with the police or careening a bus into oncoming traffic, Maniac lets you unleash total anarchy.

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What to Expect in Maniac:

  • Six colorful characters with unique abilities, including a homicidal clown and a jobless, drunken Santa.
  • Heart-pounding chase-driven action with explosive physics and destruction.
  • Earn money and pay back your debts using any means necessary.
  • Face escalating law enforcement, from police to FBI, military, special forces, and more.
  • Purchase guns, explosives, and special items to extend your chaotic runs.
  • Unlock items and upgrades across all characters, such as better guns, landmines, sturdier cars, and increased cash-per-crime. The upgrade path is yours to choose!
  • Download the Maniac Demo on Steam Next Fest this week and dive headfirst into a society with no rules to hold you back.

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About Transhuman Design:
Transhuman Design, led by Michal Marcinkowski, the creator of Soldat, brings you Maniac, a new adventure in gaming chaos. Marcinkowski’s previous work includes the indie classic Soldat and the successful multiplayer build’n’kill game, King Arthur’s Gold.

About Skystone Games:
Skystone Games, founded by industry veterans David Brevik (Creator of the Diablo franchise) and Bill Wang (Perfect World & Giant), aims to be a global leader in video game publishing. With titles like Spacelines from the Far Out, UNDYING, and Hellcard under their belt, Skystone Games is actively seeking partners and preparing to launch exciting new projects like Tiny Bookshop, Maniac, and more. Explore the gaming world with Skystone Games at Skystone.Games.

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