tinyBuild and Redemption Road Games have unveiled Kingmakers, an exciting medieval sandbox game that seamlessly blends action and strategy elements. In this epic adventure, players step into the shoes...

tinyBuild and Redemption Road Games have unveiled Kingmakers, an exciting medieval sandbox game that seamlessly blends action and strategy elements. In this epic adventure, players step into the shoes of an elite operative transported back to war-torn medieval England, armed with a modern arsenal. The mission is clear: alter the course of history to prevent an impending apocalypse.

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Kingmakers catapults players into the heart of all-out medieval warfare, offering an immersive action-strategy sandbox experience with thousands of soldiers engaging in real-time battles. Whether solo or in co-op for up to four players, you’ll build your kingdom, wield modern weaponry, and lead your armies to victory.

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Key Features:

  • Change History & Save the Future: As the last hope in a dying world, travel 500 years back to medieval England to reshape a brutal war and, if successful, avert an impending apocalypse.
  • Groundbreaking Medieval Simulation: Witness fully real-time battles with thousands of soldiers, powered by next-gen multi-threaded AI. A unique procedural animation system adds an unprecedented level of character and combat fidelity.
  • Brings Guns to a Sword Fight (and More): Utilize assault rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, armored vehicles, bikes, attack helos, air strikes, and more to ensure a smooth alteration of history. Showcase your sharpshooting skills and create chaos on the battlefield.
  • Command Your Troops in Battle: Seamlessly switch between combat and issuing orders, providing endless strategic possibilities. Command archers, swordsmen, spearmen, cavalry, build fortifications, and dive back into the fray.
  • Conquer Solo or Team Up in Co-op: Join forces with up to three friends for online co-op, coordinating attacks, breaking down enemy defenses, or defending strongholds against hordes of opponents. Experience an unparalleled medieval multiplayer adventure.

Kingmakers is set to launch on Steam Early Access in 2024. Stay updated on the latest announcements by wishlisting the game and following the developers on Twitter.

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About tinyBuild:
tinyBuild, originally an indie game developer, has evolved into an unmissable developer-publisher. With a commitment to long-term partnerships and elevating recognizable franchises, they’ve collaborated successfully with developers worldwide, releasing popular titles like Hello Neighbor and Graveyard Keeper.

About Redemption Road Games:
Redemption Road Games, an independent studio with offices in Atlanta and Los Angeles, is known for successful indie titles like Road Redemption and Defy Gravity. Their focus on fun, realistic simulation, and action-packed gameplay is evident in their most ambitious project to date, Kingmakers, launching in 2024 and published by tinyBuild.

For more information, visit tinyBuild’s website.

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