Sovereign Syndicate

Discover the enchanting world of Sovereign Syndicate, Crimson Herring Studios’ exciting debut title, now available on both Steam and GOG! Immerse yourself in the smog-filled streets of a captivating...

Discover the enchanting world of Sovereign Syndicate, Crimson Herring Studios’ exciting debut title, now available on both Steam and GOG!

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Immerse yourself in the smog-filled streets of a captivating steampunk rendition of Victorian London, where centaurs, cyclopes, and other extraordinary city residents roam. Embark on a thrilling journey as three unique characters, each harboring their own secrets and challenges. Navigate the twists of fate with Sovereign Syndicate’s innovative Tarot system, unlocking arcane powers as you uncover the true identities of Atticus, Clara, and Otto, shaping their destinies and influencing the temperament of the city.

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Dive into an expansive open world in this Victorian steampunk cRPG. Select from three playable characters, each with branching stories that intricately intertwine. Investigate, interact, and make choices that will leave a lasting impact on the world and its inhabitants. No more random stat points – hone your skills to level up and let fate guide you through our unique tarot card chance system.

So, how will you tackle the challenges ahead? Will you rely on combat, persuasion, magic, or explosives? The decision is yours, and all your cards are laid out on the table. Just beware, the docklands are not for the faint of heart.

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Game Features:

  • Explore a vast open world with 20 different locations across the city’s east docklands.
  • Play as three distinct characters, each with their own captivating storyline.
  • Experience intertwined narratives and a dynamic dialogue system.
  • Customize your characters as you progress.
  • Embrace the Tarot card chance system for an unpredictable journey.
  • A single-player adventure awaits.

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About Crimson Herring Studios:
Crimson Herring Studios is an indie game development studio based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our team, scattered across diverse locations, is united by a passion for storytelling. We specialize in narrative-driven games infused with mystery and intrigue, inviting players to embark on unforgettable journeys.



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