Wantless: Solace at World’s End

“Discover the Fast-Paced Tactical RPG Wantless” Step into the world of Wantless, a fast-paced tactical RPG that combines intricate skill crafting and challenging turn-based combat. As Eiris, you’ll confront...

“Discover the Fast-Paced Tactical RPG Wantless”

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Step into the world of Wantless, a fast-paced tactical RPG that combines intricate skill crafting and challenging turn-based combat. As Eiris, you’ll confront nightmarish creatures brought to life and navigate the precarious line between morality in a dying world. Dive into the troubled minds of your patients to confront their fears while safeguarding their memories, or face the consequences of your actions.

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Each move you make as Eiris will bolster your adversaries in the room. The more you act, the more resources your enemies will possess. Strategically utilize the environment to level the playing field during each transposition. From strategically placed explosives to toxic pools, the terrain is a crucial factor in this unforgiving tactical combat.

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To emerge victorious, Eiris has access to a comprehensive skill-forging system that enables you to modify each skill’s effects, range, and more. Whether you specialize in close-combat combos, long-range destruction, or battlefield manipulation, create your unique playstyle and refine it with each playthrough. Each transposition offers randomly generated objectives, biomes, and rewards, so be prepared for defeat, gear up for success, and keep your fears in check!

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Twin Sails Interactive and Drop Rate Studio have chosen to release the game in early access, allowing for continuous refinement and improvement based on player feedback. The team acknowledges that this is just the beginning of a journey in collaboration with the Wantless community, not the final product. Regular updates will introduce new content such as bosses, enemies, biomes, patients, and gameplay mechanics, all influenced by the community’s input. Bugs will be promptly addressed to ensure the best possible experience upon full release, which will include a complete storyline, additional unique patients, and undisclosed features.

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