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December 12-18 Releases!

A Sign of Affection comic book cover

A Sign of Affection Vol. 5

Published by Kodansha Comics

“I wonder if all these extraordinary things will gradually become my everyday.”
Yuki is a Deaf college student who is attracted to and then falls for an upperclassman at her school, Itsuomi, who treats her naturally, unfazed by her inability to hear. After she resolves to face her love head-on, Itsuomi asks her out and the two become a couple. He wastes no time introducing her to his best friend and Yuki feels all the more keenly just how much he cares about her.

A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow Vol. 8 manga cover

A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow Vol. 8

Published by Viz

The Aquarium Club is finally coming alive after welcoming new members, but summer is nearing and Koyuki has started studying hard for exams. Working up her resolve, Koyuki invites Konatsu on a moonlit walk on the beach where she bares her heart about an important choice. Graduation is approaching and the time they have left together is more precious than ever, but how does Konatsu respond to hearing Koyuki’s decision?

Are You Lost? Vol. 8 manga cover

Are You Lost? Vol. 8

Published by Kodansha Comics Digital-First

The four girls’ hearts are filled with conflicting emotions as they prepare for their imminent departure from the island…

Once they are finally on the boat, a mixture of satisfaction at getting closer to home and anxiety at being in the middle of the ocean assails them, but then they find themselves facing an inescapable crisis that leaves even Homare speechless?!

The high school girl survival story moves from a deserted island to the middle of the sea — don’t miss the moving, tumultuous eighth volume!!

Call of the Night Vol. 5 manga cover

Call of the Night Vol. 5

Published by Viz

Ko seriously considers the pros and cons of becoming a vampire. But every human has a different take on it, and one just wants to kill them all! Then, when the police are alerted to Ko’s nighttime jaunts, they start to cramp his style. Ko learns something surprising about vampire Haka — and gets a tempting offer. Nazuna has a change of heart — but not about everything. And Ko wants to know what vampire Kiku’s intentions are regarding Ko’s deliciously human friend Mahiru…

Cells at Work and Friends! Vol. 6 manga cover

Cells at Work and Friends! Vol. 6

Published by Kodansha Comics Digital-First

Even though he wants to make friends, Killer T Cell is as fantastic a killer as ever. Nevertheless, at some point he’s sure to eventually live a life with someone by his side…
Spring arrives in the intestines, and the falling of the cherry blossoms brings with it partings and new acquaintances…!! The grand finale of the highly acclaimed spin-off in which you can laugh, learn, and come to love your body!

Dai Dark Vol. 3 manga cover

Dai Dark Vol. 3

Published by Seven Seas

Zaha Sanko is the most wanted man in the universe. They say that if you can take his bones, you’ll be rewarded with anything you might desire. That’s made no end of trouble for Sanko, who’s a pretty normal teenage dude (when he’s not killing people with an axe made out of pure darkness). Currently the prisoner of an ancient space cult, he’ll need everything he’s got to reclaim his freedom. Thankfully, he’s got three oddballs backing him up who just so happen to be the other most wanted men in the universe. Bizarre mayhem is just around the corner! Don’t miss this hilariously twisted and gruesome series from the unique mind of Q Hayashida, creator of the manga and Netflix anime Dorohedoro!

Failure Frame: I Became the Strongest and Annihilated Everything With Low-Level Spells Vol. 3 manga cover

Failure Frame: I Became the Strongest and Annihilated Everything With Low-Level Spells Vol. 3

Published by Seven Seas

Having successfully conquered the Ruins of Disposal, Mimori Touka is one step closer to exacting revenge on the Goddess who banished him there. Following the advice in The Forbidden Arts, Touka’s travels take him to the town of Mils and into its dangerous ruins. There, he seeks out the rare ingredients needed to enhance the powers of his only companion, the slime, Piggy-maru. However, the ruins gift him with something he did not expect: the female knight Mist. Now with a frontline ally, the next step of his revenge preparations can proceed…

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Vol. 9 manga cover

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Vol. 9

Published by Kodansha Comics


After being defeated and captured by the Moonlight Divinities, Natsu’s team is served up to Selene to provide entertainment. The Moon Dragon God has a twisted sense of pleasure and first enjoys watching Natsu and Gray struggle to free themselves before sending them to the bottom of her mountain to fight their way back up to her. Although Natsu and Gray are eager to fight, things change when they discover they’re up against Lucy, Erza, Wendy, Happy, and Carla, who have been transformed into Yokai by Yoko!

Final Fantasy Lost Stranger #40 manga cover

Final Fantasy Lost Stranger #40

Published Yen Press

After a mysterious man shows up to take Shogo and his friends into custody, his quick thinking allows the group to make a hasty escape! But their relief is only temporary, as they soon find themselves before Don Leone, the self-proclaimed “Master of All Pleasures,” and he’s not planning to let them get away again! Forced to participate in a gauntlet with an endless supply of tough opponents, will they be able to break through? Read the next chapter of Final Fantasy Lost Stranger at the same time as Japan!

Giant Killing Vol. 28

Giant Killing Vol. 28

Published by Kodansha Comics Digital-First

Tsubaki and Akasaki have been picked for Japan’s national U-22 men’s team. Between the cryptic message Tatsumi left them with and a whole litany of new teammates at training camp, Tsubaki begins to feel the pressure of representing everything Japan can do on the pitch… but a chance encounter with a former rival in the league helps him see things in a different light. And just in time, too, because the qualifying matches looming ahead will decide whether Team Japan will play in the Olympic Games!