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October 10-16 Releases!

A Centaur's Life manga cover

A Centaur’s Life Vol. 20

Published by Seven Seas

Himeno and her classmates return from their class trip and learn what their families were doing while they were gone. Meanwhile, a gang war heats up between the Amphibianfolk and the mammalian races, and the Chi-chans transform themselves into cats. Enjoy Volume 20 of this charming manga celebrating the daily lives of a host of non-human characters!

A Life Turned Upside Down manga cover

A Life Turned Upside Down: My Dad’s an Alcoholic

Published by Seven Seas

Mariko Kikuchi tells the painful story of her father’s alcoholism and her own journey through guilt to understanding her father’s illness. She rejects the common belief that family members can and should be forgiven for anything they do, no matter how much harm they cause. This powerful, self-contained autobiographical manga began as a web series that went viral, and inspired a critically acclaimed 2019 film in Japan.

Beauty and the Beast manga cover

Beauty and the Beast of Paradise Lost Vol. 2

Published by Kodansha Comics

Lured by another one of Giselle’s false promises of friendship, Belle finds herself intruding on the Beast and one of the castle’s most closely guarded secrets: a beautiful woman frozen in crystal. As Belle learns more about her employer and the curse that afflicts him and his subjects, she must come to terms with the evil she will face as she continues the search for her mother — and the heartbreak she will suffer if she stays with the Beast any longer.

Bestia manga cover

Bestia Vol. 3

Published by Yen Press

“I wasn’t alone…the entire time.” In the middle of the battle against the rank-S cryptid Shebiti, Asuka’s missing mother, Honoka, suddenly appears. At the sight of her, joy, bewilderment, and rage all battle for control on Asuka’s face. Why is she here? And as something lurking deep in the shadows begins to stir, the truth of what happened on that day ten long years ago will finally come to light in the climactic series finale of Bestia!

Black Clover manga cover

Black Clover Vol. 27: The Devil-Binding Ritual

Published by Viz

Asta will need to get much more powerful if he ever hopes to defeat the demonic leaders of the Spade Kingdom. Things look bleak, but then a mysterious mage named Nacht appears — and he knows a few things about harnessing a devil’s power. Does Asta have what it takes to learn how to control his own devil powers and rescue Captain Yami?

Call to Adventure manga cover

CALL TO ADVENTURE! Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board Vol. 2

Published by Seven Seas

Haruki might be invisible, but he makes up for it with courage and his secret skill board, which has proven its worth with countless dungeon spoils. While his skills are growing by the day, Karen’s have a long way to go. Can Haruki and his skill board help her level up, too?

Campfire Cooking manga cover

Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill (MANGA) Vol. 5

Published by J-Novel Club LLC

Mukohda’s latest adventure has given him a major windfall. But with more money comes more…goddesses, each vying for a slice of his supermarket pie in exchange for their blessings. What’s a man to do when he’s suddenly drowning in wealth and power? Start a business? Go on more adventures (or have adventure come to him)? How about looking into the one luxury he might value almost as much as good food?

Cells at Work manga cover

Cells at Work! Neo Bacteria! Vol. 1

Published by Kodansha Comics

Bacteria are in all our bodies… good bacteria, bad bacteria, and everything in between! But this time, the bacteria are on a mission… to help their teenage host confess to her crush! Will they be able to protect her health?

Chronicles of an Aristocrat Reborn in Another World Vol. 2

Chronicles of an Aristocrat Reborn in Another World Vol. 2

Published Yen Press

After spending some time at the Gold Saucer, Shogo’s already made a name for himself—and not in a good way! But he has attracted the attention of a girl named Azuri, who shares his interest in the Magi King. But Shogo’s trying to keep his “Libra” skill under wraps, and with his new friend’s insatiable curiosity, that could be a tall order… Read the next chapter of Final Fantasy Lost Stranger at the same time as Japan!

Citrus Vol 3 manga cover

Citrus+ Vol. 3

Published by Seven Seas

After all the drama that went down at school, Matsuri has started skipping classes. Harumi has never gotten along with Matsuri, but decides to go to her home to check up on the younger girl. It is awkward as heck, and gets even weirder when Matsuri goes in for a kiss!