What even?!

10 Really Weird Anime

We all know anime can get a little…unique. Sometimes it makes us question, “What were the creators thinking?” This list is a compilation of questionable characters, ridiculous plotlines, and, well, you’ll see what I mean.

1. Gakuen Handsome (ongoing Fall 2016 anime)


This short-episode, comedy series is about a literally blank-faced boy who transfers to an all-boys high school. Based on the popular visual novel, this anime takes you through multiple awkward scenarios with a cast possessing the pointiest of chins. The childish art and horrendous animation creates a mocking of the BL genre. It’s ridiculous, but somehow you can’t look away.


2. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (2003)


If the name isn’t already enough reason for you, let’s just talk about the plot here. The main character, Bo-bobo, has the extraordinary power of hearing the voices of hair. With this power, he uses his own hair to fight against enemies.  Let me make this clearer, he fights with his nose hairs. In a world full of hair hunters, Bo-bobo must fight against them.


3. Punch Line (2015)


Whenever Yuuta Iridatsu, the main character, gets too excited and faints over panties, an asteroid hits Earth. The series tagline: “If he sees underwear, will humanity be destroyed!?” As for the actual plot of this anime, it seems there is none, but then it takes you on a wild ride that I just can’t spoil.


4. Sekkou Boys (2016)


This 7-minute episode series is about Miki Ishimoto who starts working at Holbein Entertainment Company. She is tasked with managing a new idol group composed of…statues. The new idols are the Sekkou Boys, or “The Rockies”, made up of four Greco-Roman sculptures named St. George, Mars, Hermes, and Medici.


5. Akikan! (2009)


It is about magic soda cans that turn into girls, to put it bluntly. Kakeru Diachi, a rare juice can collector, drinks a can of soda with a sweet surprise. Suddenly, the melon soda turns into a girl named Melon. They become participants in battles against other sodas to see what is better: steel or aluminum.


6. The Qwaser of Stigmata (2010)


It surrounds individuals called Qwaser who manipulate scientific elements in order to battle each other. This fan service filled anime surrounds the premise of breast milk being a catalyst for power…and no it is not a hentai.


7. Anitore! Ex (2015)


What is exercise? I thought I was watching anime? Simply put, it’s a mindless 4-minute short series about five cute girls doing a variety of lewd exercise routines.


8. Onara Gorou (ongoing Fall 2016 anime)


This 3-minute episode series is about a talking fart. This story follows the life of Goro, the “most admirable of farts,” who solves everyday life problems. One of the best parts of this anime is the theme song performed by ANDCRAZY. Seriously, they’re dancing, singing, and telling you “Fart! Your future’s on the line!”


9. Saint Young Men (2013)


This movie surrounds the daily lives of Jesus and Buddha after they decide to take an extended vacation on earth. No, this isn’t a historical or religious anime, but instead has a unique twist. The two live together sharing an apartment in Japan. This strange story follows their experiences with modern life in a humorous and captivating way.


10. Midori Days (2004)


This shonen fantasy is about a boy named Seiji Sawamura who is known in school for his extremely powerful right hand. His reputation deems him unapproachable by girls. One morning he wakes up and discovers his hand has turned into a girl.  By turned I mean that his hand literally has been replaced by the top half of a girl (waist up). The girl, Midori, has had a crush on Seiji for 3 years. Thus starts their strange relationship and quite possibly the perfect opportunity for Midori to be with the one she loves.

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